How to sync my account with Netflix?

In the BetaSeries app settings (cogwheel on the top left of your profile), you can find a Sync submenu. There, you can link your Netflix account with your BetaSeries account to enable the automatic sync.

To do so, you will need to enter your Netflix creditentials. Note: BetaSeries will not save your Netflix credentials, we only need them for the first login. You will surely receive an email from Netflix telling you that a connection has been detected, this is normal. BetaSeries is not affiliated with Netflix.

After that, you will be able to choose with which of your Netflix profiles you will want to enable the sync with BetaSeries. In the case you're sharing your Netflix account with other people, only the shows and movies you watched on your profile will be sync.

The sync will then start automatically et will do so every one to four hours depending on your viewing frequency on Netflix. Every episodes and movies you watched on Netflix will be marked as watched on BetaSeries.

If you want to disable the sync or change the profile, you can also do so on the same submenu, using the "Disconnect" button.

If you wish, you can also setup the sync directly from the Website.